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Homeowners know that Amana appliances are a great choice, and at Sundberg America, we know it, too. We have become one of the largest wholesalers for Amana parts in the United States. Sundberg America strives to give our customers the best quality products for the best price. We stock a variety of genuine Amana replacement parts that we purchase straight from the manufacturer. Then, we sell them to Sundberg America customers at an affordable, wholesale price. That’s why when you purchase Amana appliance repair parts from Sundberg America, you know you are making the optimal choice for you and your customers. While we always make quality and affordability a top priority for our customers, we also value quickness and efficiency. Sundberg America warehouses and distribution centers are located in nine states, so we can ship appliance replacement parts, tools, and supplies to our customers anywhere in the United States quickly.


Amana appliances are reliable and essential to the home, and Amana appliance repair parts are too. At Sundberg America, our gigantic inventory of Amana parts covers many different household Amana appliances such as air conditioners, furnaces, washing machines, dryers, range vent hoods, ice makers, and more! Because Amana appliances are such a great choice, we know that homeowners use them frequently. This means that parts are subject to natural wear and tear as time passes, and you may be getting the call to fix an Amana appliance. Whether the freezer stopped keeping things frozen or the oven will not turn on, do not worry because we can get you exactly the Amana replacement part that you need to fix the problem. You can also rest assured knowing that the part you ordered will solve the problem because our Amana appliance repair parts are OEM authorized premium parts.

Amana parts from Sundberg America are trustworthy and high-quality, but they are sold to our customers at a low, wholesale cost just like all of our other appliance replacement parts. It is this perfect blend of quality and affordability that makes Sundberg America the first-choice appliance parts supplier for so many businesses, repair technicians, and contractors. Our wide selection of common household Brands is also another reason we are the first choice for many. Check out our product pages such as Refrigerators, Freezers, Tools, Supplies, Furnaces, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Washing Machines, Dryers, Dishwashers, or Stoves & Ovens to see all of the great wholesale products you will have access to as a Sundberg America customer – fill out a credit application to become one today. For more information, visit our homepage, give us a call at 800-621-9190, or send us an email.


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